Family owned buisness since 1975

•Forestry Mulching and logging

•residential and commercial clearing

•gravel/rock road/horse arena repair

•Lot clearing and grading

•select cut thinning

•tree and stump removal

•Driveways/ Riding Trails

•Pro logger certified

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What is Forestry Mulching?

Forestry mulching is a land-clearing method using a single machine to selectively cut trees, brush, and vines to clear unwanted vegetation, leaving behind a fine layer of mulch, which is much more appealing to look at than stumps sitting out of the ground. mulching is more efficient than using a chainsaw or a tractor with a bush hog and is more cost-effective than a bulldozer, loader, and hauler. This one-machine, one-operator method can take all stumps and stems flush to the ground, leaving a surface that can be immediately driven over, mowed, or seeded.

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Different jobs may require different machines, clayton logging and mulching has The equipment to fit your needs. With the knowledge and experience to know which would be the best fit for your property type and budget.


Log Skidder

Mulching machine

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Skidsteer Mulcher: it is lighter weight, and the ideal machine for tight areas and residential jobs & right aways. Machine is capable of mulching up to 12 inch diameter trees also great for vegetation areas and bamboo, vines, brush and storm damage. Machine sits on 20" rubber tracks with very low ground pressure.

This is a larger scale mulching machine weighing in at 40klbs. Machine is made for a larger scale project with its 400hp engine it's capable of mulching up to 24 inches diameter trees and stumps with its massive 100 inch wide attachment head. great for commercial mulching such as; right aways, cut overs, over grown fields

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This machine is our Excavator that has multiple uses. we have several different attachments that are used for many different jobs. For example; the grapple saw can be used for pushing or cutting large standing timber, pond damns, around ponds, or used for storm clean up. Another attachment is a stump shear, which is designed for busting stumps and pulling stumps out of the ground, without a lot of soil disturbance.

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This machine is a log skidder, it gives our company the ability to take on the big jobs. allowing us to provide Large scale timber harvesting as well as small scale timber harvesting.

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wood harvesting

Logs and chips

for larger jobs we can not only mulch the wood, but also haul logs off property to wood mill or chip it and haul it off .

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Select cutting and mulching

Ideal for residential properties that need thinning and clearing services. Reduce the undergrowth from beneath your larger wanted trees, keeping the appearance of your property maintained.

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Whole tree chipper design to either blow chips on the ground or in the back of a chip van machine is capable of chipping up to 24 inch diameter trees

Why Choose Clayton’s Logging & Mulching?


We have the equipment to fit all job sizes. From 70 acre commercial track jobs to 1 acre private property residential homes.


Third Generation Logger with the experience and expertise in the business that is unmatched locally. With a reputation of professionalism.

expense efficiency

When comparing quotes, time should also be factored into the expense, don’t hire someone that will take a week to do what we can do in a day, leaving you with a larger bill or even possibly an unfinished job.

Meet our owner

Randy Clayton

Randy grew up in Durham nc, going to logging jobs with his dad buddy Clayton. learning to run heavy machinery at a young age, has given him a strong passion and love for the woods, and the family buisness. Randy‘s desire to continue in his father, and grandfathers footsteps has been his motivation to grow the buisness into what it is today. His attention to detail, and accuracy creates the perfect recipe for impressive workmanship. He takes pride in keeping his trucks and equipment clean and nice looking just like the job site that he is working on. Lots of hard work and many hours goes into keeping everything up, and now has made the company even more versatile with capabilities to fit many different land clearing needs.

Third Generation Logger, with Complete outfit to provide Clear Cut Services.

Previous job sites

Clearing and grading

Clear cutting

Select cutting

No Job too big.

No Job too small.

Clayton’s Logging & Mulching can handle it all!

Randy Clayton has the equipment to handle anything I throw his way. Any job I bring to him I know he is going to have it done right. We have had a great Buisness relationship with him and his family for many, many years.

- Triangle Forestry Products

Reviews & References

We have used Clayton Logging and Mulching for multiple jobs, and plan to use him for all of our future needs to keep our properties looking their best.

-Infinity Communications

-Carolina Sunrock

submitted by previous Customers

Carolina Sunrock has a reputation of professionalism, which is why we subcontract out companies like Clayton logging and mulching to work with. He has impressed us on the job, to where we now rely on him to handle all our clearing.